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Consulting Services

Business consulting includes:

Financial consulting - is a set of services to help the company build effective and reliable system of financial management. We are also helping our clients feel secured when they are getting any kind of loans or credits, including payday loans or Toronto second mortgage in all cities of Canada. Be sure that our experts will present you the most profitable options for you!

Investment Consulting – is a kind of intellectual activity associated with customer counseling on investing his own or borrowed funds in business in order to obtain a reasonable profit for him.

Management consulting - is a kind of advising in the field of management (structures, processes, methods, management style, logistics etc.). We also help you implement online project management software and its alternatives to improve your team's productivity and facilitate collaboration inside your company.

Business investigation - is aspecial service provided by a professinal Toronto private detective, which includes estimating your corporate security, analysing the trustworthy of your team members and identifying any signs of corporate theft.

We also involve our partners, the leading specialists in the field of information technology and project management software developing Easyprojects company, to provide our clients with information on improving company's business processes using the latest achievements of scientific and technical progress. Our consultants attend numerous trainings, devoted to PM software and other tools for managers, to provide you with the most relevant information and advice on how to improve your business performance. We will advise you on selecting the most appropriate project management software and inventory control systems from Globalwhse.com for your specific business needs. The practice shows that implementation of project management software and inventory management software allows businesses reduce costs and time, needed for successful project realization and product sales. Effective inventory control is a key component of company's financial success. No matter what background you have and whether your parents are family dentists Markham or bakers in Toronto, you have a chance to grow your own successful buisness with a proper consilting support.

Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to provide effective financial assistance for companies operating in various spheres of manufacturing, construction equipment providers. Our clients are leading software development companies,health care, transport and machine building companies, IT companies, which have succeeded greatly in their business activity. It doesn`t metter which type of product (like spray foam systems from Bolair) or services you provide. We will be able to find the most acceptable format of financial support for your company.

As the financial consulting service we advise to all our customers find out more about different types of personal loans, like car title loans, for example.

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